The Brand

Our success is built on versatility, handling tasks from basic to complex, all tailored to meet the needs of even the most selective customers. Our clients range from individuals to hotels, resorts, embassies, apartments, and more.


For the past seventy years, since the establishment of Galerie Vanlian, our range of furniture and home accessories has expanded significantly to include an extensive variety of styles from classic to fashionable. These product lines are consistently enriched by the addition of new items, catering to diverse lifestyles.

Our buyers constantly travel around the world in order to find that unique piece of furniture or home accessory, always bearing in mind our motto: “goods well bought are already half sold”.

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Our aim is to make your home an oasis of relaxation amid the cities daily burdens, to make it fun, pure and a place that reflects each and everyone’s unique character.

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We have a very wide target audience as we cater to the different demands on the market. Our clients are families, private individuals, designers, architects, fashionistas, young adults, business and of course projects.

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An innovative concept in the world of home furniture.A vast array of original, unique, fashionable, trendy and yet elegant home furniture and accessories, all created by our in house designers and/or imported from the corners of the world. We pinpoint quality at an excellent value.