Welcome to the ambrosial home furniture & accessories concept of Galerie Vanlian! An innovative concept in the world of home furniture that reflects the different lifestyles of a customer, where one can find a complete home solution through a vast array of original, unique, fashionable, trendy and yet elegant home furniture and accessories, all created by its in house designers and/or imported from the corners of the world. Galerie Vanlian's buyers travel constantly striving to find that special piece of furniture or home accessories with the right quality at the right price. Galerie Vanlian caters "Affordable Luxury" since every single part of our collection is handpicked to be luxurious in quality and style yet affordable in price due to the flair and professionalism of its buyers to pinpoint quality at an excellent value. Please find the essence of our collection in the enclosed catalogue.

Over the last fifty years, ever since Galerie Vanlian was established, the Vanlian line of furniture and accessories has grown to include an extensive variety of styles from Classic to Fashionable. Its lines are constantly being expanded through the introduction of new items to suit everyone's unique lifestyle.

To ensure quality control, stability of production, and continuity, in 1986, Galerie Vanlian established its own 2000 square meter factory, located in the Sin El Fil area, in Beirut, Lebanon and which counts by itself a production staff of over 50 employees some of which carry extensive furniture production skills and craftsmanship.

Over the past fifty years, Galerie Vanlian's vision has been based on strategic planning, timely execution and determination to perform its best at all times in all areas. Its commitment to quality and its search for excellence in both product and after sales service has generated over the years a strong level of customers' loyalty from one generation to the next.

The market demand for Vanlian furniture and accessories is growing continuously due to its winning formulae: high quality, well priced structure and design furniture to suit the new emerging lifestyles in the Arab world.

Galerie Vanlian provides as well an Interior Design Department headed by Vicken Vanlian who supervises and oversees the work of a team of professional designers catering the design of any project regardless of size and location.

Our flagship showroom in Dora is the biggest in the Middle East, covering 9000 square meters. Galerie Vanlian is also present in the most famous shopping malls in Lebanon: City Mall, Le Mall Dbayeh and City Centre in Hazmieh.

Flagship: Dora shell street

Tel: 961-1-241951
Mobile: 961-3-241951
Fax: 961-1-241953
e-mail: info@galerievanlian.com

Dora City Mall - 1st Floor

Tel: 961-1-882 990


Le Mall - Debaye
City Center - Hazmieh
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